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“Knowledgeable, responsible and trustworthy.

Our situation was unique and somehow different from the others. One of my family members who haven’t lived in Iran for a few years transferred some money to my account in US and while we did not had any knowledge of OFAC, we received a letter from them. After I talked to several attorneys, everyone gave me different answers and suggestions. Luckily one of them referred Erich Ferrari. At first I had fear to hire him since he is very young and I thought he does not have enough experience, but after I talked to him and when he explained how he has plan to defend our case, I saw him as a knowledgeable and sophisticated attorney. During the process of my case he and his assistant were always available and returning my calls in less than an hour and they kept me inform all the time. I absolutely recommend him because he is knowledgeable and responsible and I was really satisfied with him.”

- Immigration Client

“Great Experience

Erich Ferrari is one of the most honest and professional Lawyer I have ever seen. He was extremely kind, knowledgable and helpful in all matters toward me and my family. He was available at all time. He answered all of my questions (So many of them :-) ). I absolutely recommend him because I was really satisfied with him. Thank you Erich”

- Ross

“An Excellent Attorney

Erich Ferrari is very knowledgeable and professional Attorney. It was a very devastating time for me, and it helped to have someone in my corner that genuinely cared about my case. He is very hardworking and will go the extra mile for his clients. He continually kept me informed on the progress of my case, even on weekends. I would highly recommend him."”

- Employment Client

“Very professional and smooth experience

My family and I sought Erich's expertise in attempting to transfer funds from an Iranian bank to a bank in the United States. At the beginning of the process, we were skeptical about the entire thing: should we hire an attorney, who the attorney should be, can the attorney be trusted, and will this actually work. After hiring Erich, we knew it was the correct decision. Erich was extremely professional throughout the legal process, kept us informed and updated, and would always quickly answer our questions and concerns. I'm glad to say that we would hire Erich again, and that his services helped us achieve our goal.”

- International Law Client

“Excellent service and knowledgeable

I sought Erich Ferrari's services to do a voluntary disclosure regarding selling personal property in Iran (it was done under duress and at the time I had no idea of the legal ramifications in the US in terms of the sanctions) and requesting a license from OFAC to bring the money to the US. Prior to consulting with him, every person I spoke to would give me a different answer regarding the course of action to be taken and I really had no idea who to turn to. I wanted to make sure that I was receiving proper and accurate counsel. Erich not only provided that but prepared my voluntary disclosure and applied for the license. Throughout the whole process he kept me informed and answered all my questions. I am very happy to say that the license finally arrived. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of this kind of service. He is knowledgeable, responsible and trustworthy. -”

- Mariam

“Great Attorney and a Great Experience

I would highly recommend Erich Ferrari to all Iranian-American families who have property or other assets currently in Iran. Erich is extremely knowledgeable and courteous and was able to get a license from OFAC for the sale of our property in Iran. Besides being very bright and hard working, Erich was always very prompt in responding to our numerous emails and was genuinely concerned about getting the right results for us. I would recommend Erich Ferrari wholeheartedly and without any reservation. Erich is top notch!”

- International Law Client

“God bless him.

My case was rather difficult because I already transferred money from Iran without license due to lack of knowledge.This young man had my case and honestly reviewed everything for me and did his best to get the final result on my favor.I highly recommend this young man to anybody who has case with OFAC, specialty to Iranian Community. God bless him.”

- Administrative Client

“I would highly recommend Erich Ferrari for obtaining OFAC license.

I would highly recommend Erich Ferrari for obtaining OFAC license. His knowledge and experience assisted us to obtain our license in a very short time. He kept us informed and updated and I highly recommend him.”

- International Law Client

“I highly recommend Mr. Ferrari for dealing with OFAC.

We have used Mr. Ferrari's services to obtain an OFAC license/clarification regarding a sale of a property in Iran. There are only few lawyers that are specialized in OFAC matters, and after interviewing three of them, Mr. Ferrari seemed to be the most knowledgeable one. Also, Mr. Ferrari charged a flat fee for the whole process, which was a plus. Mr. Ferrari was very professional through the whole process, was always available, and responded to my questions within 24 hours and he contacted us immediately after license letter was issued. I highly recommend Mr. Ferrari for dealing with OFAC.”

- Pooya

“I would recommend Erich for any legal issues dealing with foreign trade sanctions.

I hired Erich to assist me in transferring funds to a client in Syria. The transfer had been blocked by the Department of Treasurer, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), on the grounds that it violated the Syrian Sanctions Regulations that prohibited commercial transactions with Syria. Erich prepared an application for a license based upon the argument that the transfer was a personal transaction and not a commercial transaction. OFAC accepted the argument and issued a license. I would recommend Erich for any legal issues dealing with foreign trade sanctions. He was very knowledgeable about the law and the procedure; was diligent in presenting the application and following up with the agency; and was successful in obtaining the license. My clients and I were very pleased with his legal representation.”

- Gerald

“Erich impressed me as a true subject matter expert.

Mr. Ferrari obtained an OFAC authorization letter granting us permission to transfer funds from Iran. The precise issue I was facing was a very specific one, and I spent a long time online trying to figure it out and then trying to find an attorney who was qualified to assist me. Even with my own legal background, I felt lost. In our initial phone conversation, Erich impressed me as a true subject matter expert and I immediately asked him to represent me. During this representation he did a terrific job and OFAC granted me the permission I sought. Throughout this process, Erich was available for my questions. I am pleased with the outcome, but also appreciate having the peace of mind from knowing that I hired one of the country's best qualified attorneys for my specific issue.”

- Immigration Client

“I consider myself to be one of his most appreciative clients.

Attorney Erich Ferrari was central in assisting me to obtain my license as a Cuba Travel Service Provider. I am pleased that I selected him to represent me. At times when I was in a sea of depression about the TSP license being ever issued to me, Attorney Ferrari's dogged determination to do his best in helping to secure it, kept me afloat. His dedication, kindness and generosity with his wisdom and time, kept me believing that there would eventually be a successful outcome. I consider myself to be one of his most appreciative clients."”

- Anonymous

“Erich is the best

Erich is one of the most informative lawyers. I am very happy with his services and have recommended two other clients to him which they have told me they are very happy with him as well. Erich gives the lawyers a good name unlike few previously lawyers I came across in the past. I am sure I will be seeking his help in the future.”

- Moe S.

“He proved to be a conscientious and caring attorney.

Mr. Erich Ferrai took up my case to apply for my financial investment and asset transfer to the US against the OFAC in the face of Iran Sanctions legislation. Through his work he proved to be a conscientious and caring attorney. He gave me precise and extremely helpful advice. He followed all the steps necessary to acquire the necessary license. Whenever I needed his advice during our business relationship he was either readily available or returned my call within a reasonable time period. The legal expenses he charged were reasonable and tolerable even for people under financial restrain. I would rank him highly from the point of view of his professional and personal conduct.”

- Mohammad

“Very informative, and very trustworthy and high integrity overall.

My family and I have been working with Erich on getting an OFAC license and submitting associated full disclosure. He has been truly great to work with. Always responsive to emails (including nights and weekends when urgent matter is at hand), very informative, and very trustworthy and high integrity overall. And everything worked out for us. I would not hesitate to personally recommend him to anyone with any OFAC related work.”

- Katya

“Reasonable Fees

Without his advice, we could have got to a big problem. His fees were reasonable as well.”

- Anonymous

“Mr. Ferrari is honest, responsible and sincere in all his dealings.

I’m not a US citizen and I live in oversea. About 2 years ago, I found Mr. Ferrari from the internet when I needed to hire a defense lawyer in the US for my fiancé who was then already been incarcerated and has no one there to help. I have chosen Mr. Ferrari by luck and till now, I’m very grateful towards Mr. Ferrari and his team for their help and support over the last 2 years! Mr. Ferrari is honest, responsible and sincere in all his dealings. We felt very comfortable working with him and are very satisfied with his service. Thank you so much, Mr. Ferrari!”

- Emily

“We highly recommend him for any OFAC related cases.

Mr. Ferrari handled our case with great care and he was very knowledgeable. He was always responsive and provided great guidance. We highly recommend him for any OFAC related cases.”

- Banou

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