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OFAC Representation

We Represent Every Type of Client, In Every Type of OFAC Case

U.S. sanctions and OFAC-related matters are complex and require the assistance of OFAC lawyers who understand the nuances of navigating U.S. sanctions programs, as well as OFAC's procedures. The consequences of running afoul of those laws or not understanding those procedures can be severe, leading to investigations, penalties, and targeting for a sanctions designation. 

Ferrari & Associates is known for providing cutting-edge legal representation in OFAC matters for a global and sophisticated clientele. For example, our OFAC lawyers routinely assist clients in the following types of matters:

  • Removal from the Specially Designated National and Blocked Persons List (SDN List)
  • Obtaining licenses or advising on the legality of exporting medical supplies to embargoed jurisdictions
  • Advising financial institutions on compliance with OFAC-administered sanctions programs
  • Providing expert co-counsel services to lawyers servicing their own clients in OFAC-related matters
  • Litigating OFAC-related matters before the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals
  • Investigating apparent violations of OFAC-administered sanctions programs and preparing voluntary self-disclosures to OFAC
  • Responding to administrative subpoenas issued by OFAC and defending parties before OFAC's Enforcement Division
  • Conducting sanctions risk assessments for financial institutions and multinational corporations
  • Seeking the unblocking or removal of restrictions on funds that have been blocked or restricted due to OFAC sanctions
  • Advising on and obtaining OFAC licensing for Iran-related divestment activities

In addition, we represent clients in more bespoke OFAC-related matters. These include, for example, OFAC pre-designation work where we work to prevent an OFAC designation from occurring by providing OFAC with information that rebuts or identifies changed circumstances with respect to derogatory open source reporting, or in seeking to guidance or general authorizations for trade groups or organizations impacted by OFAC-administered sanctions programs.

The OFAC lawyers of Ferrari & Associates are among the top practitioners in this field. If you are seeking to be represented before OFAC or trying to navigate the complex web of U.S. sanctions laws, regulations, and guidance contact us today.