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U.S. Sanctions Practitioners and Counselors

Located in Washington D.C., our firm represents parties from all over the world in cases involving U.S. sanctions and those arising before OFAC. These representations are often of financial institutions and multinational corporations which relate to OFAC enforcement matters, SDN delisting cases, investigations or prosecutions for sanctions and export control violations; and OFAC licensing and OFAC compliance matters. Specifically, we frequently assist companies in responding to OFAC administrative subpoenas and requests for information, seeking removal from the SDN List, conducting internal investigations for sanctions-related violations, and development and implementation of OFAC sanctions policies and procedures. Through our OFAC representations we have removed parties from the OFAC SDN List, successfully defended against OFAC enforcement investigations, and received acquittals and non-prosecution agreements for clients facing prosecution and investigation for sanctions related criminal charges.

The lawyers at Ferrari & Associates are not generalists. They are subject matter experts in the field of U.S. sanctions. Lawyers are brought into the firm through one of two pathways: they either spent time working at OFAC or they were subject to our intensive two-year internship program where they were immediately called upon to research and learn the ins and outs of practicing U.S. sanctions and representing parties before OFAC. This allows our lawyers to avoid spending any time adjusting to the learning-curve presented by U.S. sanctions and practice before OFAC.

This expertise and experience allows us to provide cutting-edge representation to a domestic and foreign clientele that spans from industry sectors, including the financial services, mining, shipping, insurance, energy, retail, and healthcare sectors. As a sophisticated OFAC sanctions practice, we understand how sanctions work from procedural, substantive, and policy perspectives and we know how to use our knowledge to the advantage of our clients.