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OFAC Litigation

Ferrari & Associates, P.C. is known to be at the forefront of engaging in litigation to challenge sanctions and blocking determinations made by OFAC. Many of our clients have turned to us for help when they have been inexplicably sanctioned by OFAC, or denied in their delisting requests or unblocking applications. Our OFAC lawyers also currently represent a number of international clients who believe OFAC is delaying the processing of their case or is acting arbitrarily in sanctioning in litigations brought in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

It is not only lawsuits against OFAC, that Ferrari & Associates are known for. They have also led or been part of defense teams that have represented defendants in federal criminal matters arising from alleged violations of U.S. sanctions programs administered by OFAC. Further, our OFAC lawyers are routinely called upon as expert co-counsel or expert witnesses to supplement the efforts of criminal defense and civil litigation lawyers from across the country who represent parties indicted for violating U.S. sanctions or export controls, or are otherwise litigating sanctions-related issues. Further, Ferrari & Associates has also handled and led such representations on their own, including by previously obtaining an acquittal in an IEEPA-based export control matter.

Ferrari & Associates has recently represented parties in the following OFAC-related litigation matters:

  • U.S. v. Khamedi
  • Zevallos v. Obama
  • OKKO Business LE v. Lew
  • Mohammad Joumaa v. Lew
  • Akram Joumaa v. Lew
  • Anwar Joumaa v. Lew
  • Sulemane v. Lew
  • Zabaneh v. Lew
  • Deripaska v. Mnuchin, et. al.
  • Ayman Joumaa v. Mnuchin
  • Numbi v. Mnuchin
  • Boshab v. Mnuchin
  • Kumba v. Mnuchin
  • Mutondo v. Mnuchin
  • Tshishiku v. Mnuchin
  • Hejeij v. Mnuchin
  • Mohamed Bazzi v. Mnuchin
  • Wael Bazzi v. Mnuchin
  • Serhan v. Gacki
  • Olenga v. Gacki
  • Al Tikriti, et. al. v. Gacki
  • EKT (Katrangi Bros.) v. Gacki
  • Bahman Group v. Gacki
  • Rakhimov v. Gacki
  • Katintima v. Gacki
  • Katintima v. Pompeo
  • Nangaa v. Gacki
  • Nangaa v. Pompeo
  • Basengezi v. Gacki
  • Basengezi v. Pompeo
  • US v. Bajestani
  • US v. Afghahi
  • US v. Lahiji
  • US v. Henry
  • US v. Saboonchi
  • US v. Hashemi
  • US v. Zarrab